Adding a New Calendar Event
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Adding a New Event:

To add a new event, login to your admin section, click the dropdown "Add-on Modules" menu in the top menu of your admin section and choose "Events Calendar".

Events Calendar

This will bring up a page which displays the current month of the calendar with all events which have been setup. There are two ways to add a new event to the calendar:

  1. Click a date on the calendar. This will open the Add New Event page with the date you clicked already selected as the date of the event.
  2. Click the "New Event" button New Event Button at the top of the page. This will open the Add New Event page with today's date selected as the date of the event.

This will open the Add an Event page:

Add New Event

On this page you will setup the event title, description, dates, whether the event is repeated regularly, and whether you would like the event highlighted.

Event Title:

New Event Title

This is the text that will appear in the month view of the calendar and, if a visitor clicks on the event in the calendar, the title will be displayed right below the date and time of the event and right above the details for the event.

Event Description:

Event Description

Add additional information about the event such as length of event, directions, or a description of the event. This information will not be displayed in the month view of the calendar; however, if a visitor clicks on an event, then this information will be displayed right below the Event Title.

For more information about the editing options of the Event Description, click here.


Highlight Event

All events have a different background color than dates in the calendar with no event; however, you can call special attention to an event by highlighting that event. This gives the event a different background color than other events. To have an event highlighted, select the \"Highlight\" option.

Date and Time:

Add Date

Here you can select the date and time of an event. If you clicked a specific event in order to add this event, then that date will already be selected for you. If you used the "Add an Event" button, then today's date will be selected. You can change the date and time of an event by clicking on the drop-down menus and selecting the appropriate time and date.

Event Repeats:

Event Repeats

The Event Repeats option is a very helpful tool for entering events that happen on a regular repeating schedule without having the re-enter the event for each date the event happens. For example, if this is a church website, you probably have weekly worship services at the same time each week. Instead of entering a new event for each Sunday, enter the event once and then select the "Weekly" option for the Events Repeating option. This will then setup the put the event on every Sunday. You can choose between events repeating daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or not repeating. With the weekly repeating option, you can select if the event repeats on a particular date each year or on the first, second, third, etc. particular day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) of the month. (figure 1)

Figure 1
Expanded Event Repeats

Add the Event:

Add Event Button

When you have entered all the information for an event and have setup the settings properly, click the "Add" button Add Button at the bottom of the page to add the event.

** Note: Events can be edited or deleted at any time.