NE1 Calendar: General Info
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General Info:

The Calendar module allows you to let visitors and members of your website know what's going on when. The NE1 Calendar module is not only capable displaying events on a calendar on your website, but each event is clickable, displaying greater details about the event when clicked. The calendar also has a repeating event feature. So, if you have an event that happens every week at the same time, you only have to setup the event once and select the setting for a weekly event. The calendar then automatically inserts that event for each week. You can add events and configure the Events Calendar by logging into the admin section and the selecting the "Events Calendar" in the "Add-On Modules" in the top menu.


You can add the Events Calendar module to any page using the "Insert Module" feature when editing a page. For more information about how to insert a module, please see the "Modules: Insert a Module" help page.


*Note: The Events Calendar module is available with all paid hosting packages.


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