Twitter Module
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General Info:

From Twitter: \"Widgets let you display Twitter updates on your website or social network page. Our widgets are compatible with any website and most social networks. Simply choose one where you would like to include it.\"


To setup a Twitter Widget, login to your admin section, click the dropdown \"Add-on Modules\" menu in the top menu of your admin section and choose \"Twitter Widget.\"

You can add the Fanbox module to any page using the \"Insert Module\" feature when editing a page. OCC recommends that this type of module be inserted in the sidebar for those sites with editable sidebars. With the module in the sidebar, visitors can view it on every page. For more information about how to insert a module, please see the \"Modules: Insert a Module\" help page.

*Note: The Twitter Widget module is available with all hosting packages, including the Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Free packages.

Basic configuration for the Twitter Widget can be found by clicking the \"Add-On Modules\" tab and choosing \"Twitter Widget\". An overview of basic configuration settings is below.