Facebook Module
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General Info:

From Facebook: "Over 8 million users become fans of Facebook Pages every day to connect with their favorite public figures and organizations and get updates directly in their streams. Now, users can connect with brands, musicians, celebrities, businesses, and more, whether they're on or off Facebook.

Facebook has many ways of connecting your Facebook page to your website. 

Go to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-button/ and select the method that you would like to insert Facebook on your website.  Then in the main portion of the page, input your Facebook information in - their information is in there as an example, but you will need to place your facebook information in. 

Once you have placed your information in, click on the Get Code button.  This is an HTML embed code and will need to be inserted like any embed code. 

When you get the embed code, login to your website editor, and go to the page you want to place the code on. Then on your toolbar (above where you type the content of your site) all the way to the right in the 2nd row, you will see an icon (paste HTML code not to be confused with the HTML button right above it). Click on this and a window will pop open. Paste the embed code in your HTML code box and give the
code a caption name (facebook). Click on Insert and a code will appear on your page like
this {%facebook%} this is fine as it will be read correctly by the NE1 program. Click Save
changes and preview your website to make sure the code was copied correctly.

*Note:  You may need to go back to facebook and change the width of the facebook social media insert until you find the right width for your website.