Newsletter Configuration
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Click the button on the far right on the top of the Newsletter page to configure the settings for the newsletter. On this page, details relating to each newsletter can be set.

  • Require Confirmation (double opt-in) – With this feature activated, whenever someone signs up for your newsletter using the online subscription form, an email is sent to them asking them to confirm that the email address is valid.  Check the “Require confirmation (double opt-in)” checkbox to require the confirmation of each subscriber. It is highly recommended to keep this box checked as this feature prevents spam.
  • Display Archive Newsletters on Website – Check the “Display Archive Newsletters on Website” checkbox to maintain an archive of all newsletters sent.  This allows visitors to view old newsletters after they have been sent.
  • Sending Timeout - The “Sending Timeout (in seconds)” box is used to help control the speed of email as it is being sent. At times there needs to be a delay between the sending of each newsletter in order to allow the email delivery software to “keep up” - especially if the newsletter has a lot of graphics, but typically you can just leave this set to 0. Adjust this as necessary.
  • Sender E-mail address – By default the sender email address is set to the website’s default email address as determined in the websites Configuration Menu.  To use the default email address, leave this box blank.  If you wish to use a different email address for the sender, enter it into the “Sender E-mail address” box.
  • Sender Name - The “Sender Name (FROM field)” is the name that will be in the newsletters “from” field.  Usually this is the organizations name.  Enter what you would like as the default for the Sender Name.
  • Newsletter Footer - The “Newsletter Footer” box allows you to set the default text for the footer of all the newsletters. (We highly recommend not changing the default footer)
  • Confirmation Email – This is the email that is automatically sent to people after they have successfully subscribed to your newsletter.  This is a great way to welcome people and convey important information.  Use the default text or edit the contents as desired.

Click “Save Changes” after all information is completed.

*Note: The Configuration section sets the default settings for the Newsletter feature, but they do not always have to be used.  All the newsletter settings can be changed for a specific newsletter when creating the newsletter to be sent.