Newsletter Subscribers
Posted by , Last modified by on 21 December 2010 03:07 PM


Newsletters will be sent to your subscribers. These are those who have signed up for your newsletter using the form that appears on your website.

However, signing up doesn’t always mean the person wants the newsletter. Consider the fact that someone could be signing people up without their knowledge. For that reason, NE1 has provided the “double opt-in” system for signing up subscribers. This means that not only must someone sign-up for the newsletter, they must also respond to a confirmation email that is automatically sent to them upon sign-up.

Clicking the “Subscribers” button on the newsletter setup page will display a list of all confirmed subscribers or (when “Subscribers – Unconfirmed” is clicked) a list of all unconfirmed subscribers.

Clicking the “Edit” button will allow the editing of name, email address, and confirmation status. This will also give you the opportunity to remove the name from the list altogether. Click the “Save Changes” button after editing.