Sending the Newsletter
Posted by on 21 December 2010 03:03 PM

Sending the Newsletter:

Send me a Copy - Check the “Send me a copy” checkbox to have a copy of the newsletter sent to your own email address.

Yes, Send the Newsletter – This feature is both a cautionary feature and the way to send a test newsletter.  To protect yourself from accidentally sending the newsletter before you are finished, de-select the “Yes, Send the Newsletter” setting.  That way you cannot inadvertently send the newsletter before you are ready to.

This is also how you can send a test or preview newsletter to yourself.  Select “Send me a Copy” but de-select the “Yes, Send the Newsletter” setting.  When you click the “Send Newsletter” button the newsletter will only be sent to you and not the rest of the people on the mailing list.  So, you can preview the newsletter before sending it out.

Check the “Yes, send the newsletter!” checkbox when you are ready to send the newsletter.

Send to Additional Emails - Use the “Send to additional emails (separate with commas):” field to add some email addresses that are not already in your subscriber list. Click the “Send Newsletter!” button to send the newsletter to all subscribers.