Newsletter Sender Info/Subject
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Sender Info/Subject :

The first step in creating your newsletter is to set the sender’s email address. This is the email address that appears in the “FROM” field of the e-newsletter and is the email address that would receive replies from newsletter recipients.  Leave the field empty to use the default email address that has been setup in the “Config” section. To setup the newsletters with a different “from” address, enter that address in the “Sender E-mail address” field.

Sender Name - Enter the name of the sender in the “Sender Name” field. This will display as the “From” name in the newsletter email. It is a good idea to use a ministry name or a personal name in this field.

Newsletter Subject - Enter the subject of the newsletter in the “Newsletter Subject” field. This will appear in the “Subject’ field of the recipients email.  Make this an interesting subject – something that will catch the eye of your reader.