Guestbook: SPAM
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Spam – A common problem with a guestbook on a website is that of spam entries. It was once a full-time job to keep track of the entries on a guestbook – to be sure that posts were appropriate and real and required removing unwanted posts. However, all that has changed with the addition of a “Verification Image” and the ability to configure the Guestbook to require all entries be reviewed before they are displayed.

Verification Image - The Verification Image requires all website posts to come from a real person and not some random software. The verification image also requires just enough effort that it usually keeps spammers from taking the time in the first place. 

Review posts BEFORE they appear on the website – The verification image will prevent most spam in the guestbook, however, some may still get through and there may be other inappropriate messages that are submitted to a guestbook, like a post from a disgruntled customer (though I’m sure that never happens to your company or group).  As an additional security measure, all the NE1 Modules that allow visitors to comment (Blog, Comment’s module, Guestbook, Prayer Request module) include a setting which requires that all posts be reviewed and approved by the webmaster before they are displayed on the website.  In the configuration section of these modules, there is a Comments Display Mode setting.  Select “Display when accepted” to require all posts be reviewed and approved before they are displayed on your website.