Gallery: Editing Pictures
Posted by , Last modified by on 21 December 2010 02:52 PM

Editing Pictures in a Gallery:

When in the gallery section of your admin, click on the name of the photo gallery to access the gallery editor. To edit pictures in a gallery, click the small pencil icon underneath the picture. A powerful picture editor appears with the picture ready to be edited. Edit the size, rotate, or crop the picture as desired and click \"Save\" to save the changes. When you save the picture you can either save over the original or save the edited picture under a new name. If you save it under a new name, you will have both the original picture and new editing picture in your gallery. You will also be able to choose what compression level you wish to use when you save your picture. The higher the compression, the less disk space the picture will take up, however, you may lose some of the picture quality. Conversely, a picture saved at a low compression level will have better quality, but will use up more of your website\'s disk space. Click \"Exit\" to return to the gallery.

While you are editing a picture, you can click \"View Original\" to revert back to the original image; however, once a picture has been saved, you will not be able to revert to the original only to where you last saved the picture. Click \"Exit\" without clicking the \"Save\" button to return to the gallery without saving the changes.

*Note: Some pop-up blocker software will prevent the editing feature from opening the window to edit a picture. See the instructions for your pop-up blocker to temporarily disable pop-up blocking.