Photo Gallery: General Info
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General Info:

Perhaps one of the more popular features of the NE1 Web Builder is the Gallery Module. This module enables anyone to insert a full featured photo gallery with just a few mouse clicks. Pictures can include comments and can be automatically resized when you upload them for a perfect fit.

Each gallery can contain many pictures (we haven\'t run into a limit yet). A gallery page will display up to 12 thumbnails per page. A thumbnail is a small version of a picture. If you have more than 12 pictures in the gallery, the gallery will create new pages for the additional pictures with 12 pictures per page. As mentioned above, the gallery module automatically creates thumbnails of each picture and displays the thumbnails on the pages. This allows for more pictures to be displayed on a single page. When you click on a thumbnail, a new window will open and display the picture in its full size.

The gallery module also has a \"Slideshow\" feature which allows visitors to view all the pictures in a gallery on after the next in their full size. The slideshow is automatically created when you create a gallery and add pictures to it.

You can add the Gallery module to any page using the \"Insert Module\" feature when editing a page. For more information about how to insert a module, please see the \"Modules: Insert a Module\" (link) help page.

*Note: The gallery module is available with the Gold, Silver, and Bronze hosting packages.

*Note 2: When a gallery is larger than 12 pictures and the gallery creates new pages for the gallery, these are not new web pages, but rather new gallery pages. So, they do not count against your page limit.

*Note 3: When inserting a gallery into a page or creating a gallery page, you must select a specific gallery to insert. Alternatively, you can also insert a gallery list which lists all of your galleries.

*Tip: If you are nearing your page limit, but want to have several photo galleries, create a gallery list page instead of creating new pages for each gallery. This will allow you to have all the galleries on your website, but it will only use one web page.