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General Info:

A comments page is similar to a Guest Book in that it takes comments from visitors; however, the comments module is more versatile than a guestbook. This module can be put on any page and is a useful feature to get comments on a specific subject. For example, if you write an article and would like people to leave their comments about that article, you can use the comments module. Another use is to get feedback about an event your organization recently held. Businesses can get feedback from their customers and it is also great for testimonials from customers or from those served by a specific ministry.

Another key feature to the comments module is that it is capable of distinguishing between web pages. So, if you put a comments module on a page about the recent youth conference and another comments module on a page about the new building project, the comments module will keep those comments separate. This allows webmasters to use the comments module on several pages at once.

To configure the comments login to your admin section, click the dropdown "Add-on Modules" menu in the top menu of your admin section and choose "Comments".

You can add the Comments module to any page using the "Insert Module" feature when editing a page. For more information about how to insert a module, please see the "Modules: Insert a Module" help page.

*Note: The comments module is available with all hosting packages including the free sites.

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