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General Info:

The blog has become one of the most popular forms of communication in the world today, ultimately influencing world news and even politics. The word "blog" is short for "web log". Blogs can address an infinite number of topic and are used for a variety of purposes from an online diary of personal thoughts and opinions to a type of newsletter for customers to a way for Pastors to expand on their sermon or provide daily devotionals for their congregation. Because of their "dynamic" nature, blogs are also useful for search engine placement.

To setup a blog, login to your admin section, click the dropdown "Add-on Modules" menu in the top menu of your admin section and choose "Blog".

You can add the Blog module to any page using the "Insert Module" feature when editing a page. For more information about how to insert a module, please see the "Modules: Insert a Module" help page.

*Note: The Blog module is available with all premium hosting packages, including the Gold, Silver, and Bronze packages.

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