Contact Form Module
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General Info:

The Contact Form module allows visitors to contact you from the website without your needing to put your email address on the site. It is often necessary to obtain information from your website visitors and the contact form module can do this quickly and conveniently. Visitors can fill in the fields that you have provided for them and the data is immediately sent to an email address that you specify.

To configure a contact form, login to your admin section, click the dropdown "Add-on Modules" menu in the top menu of your admin section and choose "Contact Form".

Selecting "Contact Form" will bring up a dialog box which enables you to set all of the necessary parameters for your form.

Check the boxes of the fields you would like to include. (The "Verification Code" field asks the visitor to copy a random set of letters or numbers. This helps insure that the form is filled out legitimately and not by a spammer or automated software.) By default the form information will be sent to the default email address that has been set in the website "Config" section. To send the information to a different address, enter that address in the "E-mail Address" field. Click the "Save changes" button when all information has been entered. A preview of the form can be seen at the bottom of the page.

*Note: Only one email address can be used at one time. Contact form information cannot be sent to multiple addresses.

*Note 2: The Contact Form module is available with all hosting packages, including the free websites.

*Tip: Spam is a big problem these days and one way spammers like to send spam is using software to search the internet looking for forms. The software then fills out the form with the spam message and submits it. Using the "Verification Code" option in the contact form, prevents spam software from being able to submit their spam through your contact form. We highly recommend using the verification code option.