Adding a News Item
Posted by , Last modified by Debbie Serrano on 27 June 2013 02:36 PM

Adding a News Item:

To add a news item, login to your admin section, click the dropdown “Add-on Modules” menu in the top menu of your admin section and choose “News”.

The “Add news:” dialog page will appear. This is where your news articles can be written, edited, and archived.

To add a news article, start with inserting a headline into the “Header:” box. The Headline will be displayed in the News module.  Next, choose the preferred format of the date by clicking on the dropdown box next to the headline.

Use the “Short text:” section to insert the first few sentences of your news item or a brief description. This will also be displayed in the news module and should grab the attention of your readers and cause them to click to see the rest of the article.

Use the “Long text:” section for your entire article.

The row of icons above the text box allows you to insert links, photos, horizontal lines, and format the text – similar to the page editor that comes with the NE1 Web Builder or using Microsoft Word.

When you have completed your news article, press the “Add news” to make it available to the public.

If you need to change the date that the News article takes place, click on the Edit News tab and you can change the date to an exact date and not the date you submitted the news.