News Module: General Info
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General Info:

The news module is ideally suited for the first page of your website but can be inserted anywhere. It is designed to present something similar to the headlines in a newspaper - with links to the other \"newspaper pages\" that hold the rest of the story. There are many advantages to using the news module…1) It keeps your visitors up to date…2) It helps your ranking in search engines because of the dynamic changes being made to your site…3) It adds excitement as it presents the latest in your organization\'s activities. News items can be archived as well so your readers can check an old news story which they may have missed.

The News module is a part of some templates, but not others. For the templates which do not include the News module, you can add the News module to any page using the \"Insert Module\" feature when editing a page. For more information about how to insert a module, please see the \"Modules: Insert a Module\" (link) help page.

*Note: The News module is available with all hosting packages, including the free websites.