Changing Menu Order
Posted by on 21 December 2010 01:59 PM

Configuring the Order of the Links in the Navigation Menu:

Any link in the navigation menu can be moved by clicking to edit the link’s corresponding page and then clicking on the small red arrows at the bottom of the “Edit Subpage” box. Click on the up arrow to move the link higher in the order and click on the down arrow to move the page down in the order.

Screen Capture of the up and down arrows in the Page Settings.

If you want to move multiple links, click the “Move page” text link just below the “Edit Subpages” box (left of the up and down arrows) when editing any page. This will display a special page for editing the position of each page within your website. Insert the number representing the order in which you would like the pages displayed in the menu. Also, subpages can have their order changed as well. The first subpage is number 1, second number 2, and so on. Be sure to click “Save changes” when the desired order has been determined.

Screen Capture of the Move Page feature and the Move Page window.