Menus: General Info
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General Info:

The ability to easily navigate around a website is very important to visitors. Because of these navigation requirements, clear and simple menus are one of the fundamental needs for a website. As a result, dozens of different types of menus are seen on the internet - animated, static, text, graphical, with mouse-over effects, without mouse-over effects, tree/directory structure, and even no menu! The new templates available with NE1 give the webmaster many choices for the location and type of menu. Animations and designs are built-in to give the most professional look without the need for hours of design work.

In addition to the variety of menu options you will find in the various NE1 templates, OurChurch.Com is available to create custom templates with customized menus to meet your needs.

*Note: Main menu items are automatically added when a page is created. No actual creation of menus is necessary with the NE1 web builder. Editing of menus is available for the purpose of adding sub-menus or external links when desired or modifying the navigation menus appearance.

The site wide menu options can be accessed by clicking the \"Menu Options\" link in the top navigation menu of your admin section.

Modifying link text, moving links, creating sub-menus, and creating external links can be done in the page settings of the individual pages.