NE1 Web Builder: General Info
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General Info:

One of the common misconceptions of using a web builder is that a web builder can restrict your web design and limit creativity. With the NE1™ web builder, nothing could be further from the truth. In addition to the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) page editor, NE1™ includes methods for inserting your own HTML, Javascript, and other scripts as well as dealing directly with the html code for the page.

By combining the ease of the page editor with the versatility of using your own scripts and code, a website can become extremely customizable. In addition to the numerous formatting options with the word processor-like interface of the Page Editor, NE1™ also includes the means to add scripts with the few clicks of a mouse or even the ability to design the entire body of the page using HTML!

A word of caution is appropriate here. Using HTML, Javascript, and other scripts can be tricky and should be done by someone who has experience with these languages and understands their use. That said, the NE1™ web builder is quite forgiving and anything added using the built-in script editor can be deleted or edited.

Please also note the OurChurch.Com HTML policy below:

Members are welcome to use HTML in their websites if they choose. To keep the costs of our services as low as possible OurChurch.Com does not help members learn, develop, or debug HTML as a part of the support provided with our website hosting packages. OurChurch.Com is available to provide custom HTML development services on an hourly basis. Please submit a help desk request or call 727-723-2454 to discuss any custom HTML projects.

*Important Note: The WYSIWYG page editor is not designed to have html or javascript entered into it. If you wish to use html, you MUST either use the \"Edit HTML Source\" feature to work directly in the html code or use the \"Paste HTML Code\" feature to insert the html or javascript. Entering HTML or Javascript into the WYSIWIG editor may cause unexpected issues with your website.