Can I put a flash header into my template?
Posted by on 21 December 2010 01:48 PM
The short answer is “yes”. However, this project is for more advanced web or graphic designers. The reason for this is that the files that make up a template are often “sliced” into several small sections that make up an entire template. Editing these sections can be tricky due to the overlap and size differences that can result. Adding a flash header may require space that is simply not available with just one “section” and the animation itself may be cutoff.

If you would like a flash header installed for your template, OurChurch.Com can provide that service for you with our Flash Header Template service.  You can order this through your admin page. 

*Note: Modifying and customizing a template requires advanced html skills.  OurChurch.Com highly recommends that you do not attempt this yourself.  If you decide to try to customize a template yourself and have difficulty, OurChurch.Com does not provide support to fix those issues.