Why Can't I Hear Anything From My Website Audio?
Posted by , Last modified by Debbie Serrano on 27 June 2013 03:53 PM
It could be one of several things. This is how to figure it out...
  • First, make sure your speakers connected and are turned on and the volume for your computer (and your speakers if applicable) is turned up.
  • When you go to the page with the music on it, look at the very bottom of the page. Do you see what look like the controls to a CD player? If not, your web browser does not have the capability to play those music files. You may need to install the latest version of Windows Media Player. Recently, some people have reported a conflict between Windows Media Player and Apple's QuickTime. Another possible solution could be to uninstall QuickTime.
  • If you do see the controls for the CD player at the bottom of the page, is there a sliding bar that appears to be moving? If not, click what looks like the play button to see if that makes the music play.
  • If the sliding bar is moving on the controls of your web page, do you hear music on other pages with audio? If you do, then that probably means the song you selected for that page is not working correctly - try selecting a different song.
  • If you don't hear music on that page or the other pages of your website and you see CD controls on both, it probably means there is a problem with your computer's sound such as the speakers or the volume settings. Try visiting other sites which you know have music on them and see if you hear that music.
  • One last possibility... if you see the CD controls on the bottom of this page, the sliding bar is moving, and you are sure your computer's sound is working because you can listen to CDs, check the volume controls for your computer. With Windows, there are separate volume controls for Wave, Synth, CD, and Line-in. MIDI volume level is controlled by the \"Wave\" setting.