OCC Audio/Video Services
Posted by on 21 December 2010 01:43 PM

OCC Audio/Video Services:

OurChurch.com has a staff of professional web designers and technicians that can handle the confusing details of today’s media emphasis. Here is just a small list of services that can be performed:
  1. Website video/audio embedding - Adding video or audio to your site.

  2. CD/DVD Ripping - Pulling the audio or video files off of your CD/DVD and giving it to you in a format that you can use to embed the audio or video into your site or manipulate in an editing program.

  3. Creating digital audio files from audio cassettes – Converting your cassette tapes to a format which can be used to embed the audio on your site or placed onto a CD.

  4. Creating digital video files from video tapes - Converting your video tapes to a format which can be used to embed the video on your site or placed onto a DVD.

  5. Creating Audio/video pages - Create pages for your site that have audio/videos for your visitors to choose from.

  6. Flash Movies - Convert your movies to Flash, which is the most recognized online movie format because it highly compatible with today’s computers, has a small file size yet keeps maintains the quality of the video.

Give OurChurch.com a call at 727-723-2454 or email us at support@ourchurch.com for the latest details relating to audio and video. It is well worth the effort to enhance your website with features that will not only bring visitors, but keep them coming back for more!