Audio Tips
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Audio Tips:

How do I add background music to my website?

Back in the 90s when it was cutting edge to add audio to a website, people would add background music to their website.  Today most people consider background music annoying, so as a general rule we strongly recommend against having background music on your website.

However, every rule has an exception, right?  Perhaps you have a website for your poetry or your band and you want to use background music to serve a specific purpose or create a specic mood.  In that case, follow the steps show here: Putting Audio on a Website.  On the "advanced" settings tab, check the boxes for "auto play" and "loop" so the music will start automatically when the page loads and repeat.

Where can I get audio files?

There are many sites available that sell royalty-free background music that is very high in quality and needs no license or permission.  Some websites you may want to try are:

*Tip: Be sure not to have more than one audio file set to start automatically ("Auto Play") as that will cause multiple audio files to play at the same time.

*Tip: When naming your audio files, do not place special characters like parenthesis or apostrophes in the name - Psalm 23 (The Lord's Prayer).mp3