Using Media: General Info
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General Info:

By "media" we are referring to any form of audio or video.  Media can provide a more dynamic experience for your website visitors, and can help you form a more personal connection by giving visitors the opportunity to see or hear you.

For ministries, media may include sermons and messages to those who are shut-in, sick, out of town, or simply unable to make it to a meeting. For businesses, media can be a good way to communicate messages to your customers, demonstrate products, and be a great sales tool. We strongly encourage ministries and businesses to consider creating and publishing media as a means to help attract, connect with and serve your website visitors.

In this section you will find information about how to upload audio, video, and flash and put media on your website. You will also find information about file types.

*Note: A website must have a Gold, Silver, or Bronze package to upload media.