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Editing Templates
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Edit a Template:

Watch a video demo/tutorial for the NE1 Template Editor.

To edit a template click the "Layout Design" menu button.

Layout Design Button

The Layout Design page sets the major parameters for the design of your site. It also allows you to import, edit, or delete a template.

To edit a template, click the dropdown box to choose the template to be edited. (Only templates with a name ending in "_e" can currently be edited.) You will then see a page similar to this:

NE1 Template Editor

It is important to note that different templates will have different items that are editable. There may be some templates with only a few items that can be edited, while other templates may allow edits that change the look of the entire page.


*** If you are finding that an uploaded image tends to double in your header section when previewing the site, try uploading the photo directly to your cPanel (only available to Bronze accounts or higher) and then place it in your header image section. 

Watch a video demo/tutorial for the NE1 Template Editor.