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Importing Templates
Posted by , Last modified by Debbie Serrano on 27 June 2013 02:59 PM

Importing a Template:

From time to time you may want to change the appearance of your website. There are also times when you may have a need to use more than one template for your site. Perhaps a page has a specific theme to it that would benefit from a different template or you want to choose a template specific to a certain season or holiday. If so, this is possible by importing new templates. One of the nice things about the NE1 Web Builder is that you can complete change the layout of your website by simply changing a template. So, you don't have to completely redesign your site.

To import a template click the "Layout Design" menu button.

The Layout Design page sets the major parameters for the design of your site. It also allows you to import or delete a template.

Click the "Import Now" button to import a new template for use with your existing template. To delete a template, click the dropdown box to choose the template to be deleted. Click the "Delete" button to delete the template.

*Note: Templates do count against your disk space, so if you aren't using them, it would be wise to delete them.