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I like that I can use my own graphics on my site, but can I edit the template itself, such as the colors and graphics?
Posted by , Last modified by Michelle Mabuti on 15 February 2018 08:34 AM
The short answer is "yes" if you have a Gold, Silver, or Bronze hosting package, however, this project is for more advanced web and graphic designers. The reason for this is that the files that make up a template are often "sliced" into several small sections that make up an entire template. Editing these sections can be tricky due to the overlap and size differences that can result. We highly recommend that you do not attempt to edit a template on your own, however, if you do decide to try, there is not a template editor in the NE1 Web Builder. Instead, you will need to login to the FTP access for your website and download the template files to your computer. You will then need to use an html editor to modify the template. Once completed, upload the modified template to your website to use it.

*Note: Modifying and customizing a template requires advanced html skills. OurChurch.Com highly recommends that you do not attempt this yourself. If you decide to try to customize a template yourself and have difficulty, OurChurch.Com does not provide support to fix those issues.

*Tip: OurChurch.Com offers several custom services related to the NE1 Web Builder include custom headers, custom templates, and Flash headers. You can learn more about these services on the NE1 Custom Design Services page.