Change Graphic Size
Posted by on 21 December 2010 01:08 PM

Changing the Size of Your Graphics:

There are several ways to edit the size of a picture. First, when you upload a picture, whether in the Asset Manager or for a photo gallery, there will be an option you can select called, "Resize for Internet". This option automatically reduces the width of the graphic to 800px (if the graphic is wider than that) and the height of the graphic to 600px (if the graphic is taller than that).

You can also reduce the size of a picture just on a particular web page. You can do this by placing the graphic on the page (see "Insert Pictures Into Pages") and then clicking on the graphic in the Page Editor. This will select the graphic and you should see little red boxes around the graphic in the corners, on the top and bottom and on the sides. As you move your mouse over one of those boxes, your pointer should change to a double arrow. Click and drag the mouse to make the graphic smaller or larger.

Note: Adjusting the size of the graphic in the Page Editor only changes the graphic's size on that page. It does not change the dimensions of the actual graphic file.

The third way to adjust the size of a graphic is in the Asset Manager. To get to the Asset Manager click the image icon in the Page Editor as if you were going to insert an image. On the right side of the "Source:" box, click the folder icon to enter the Asset Manager. Then click on the small pencil icon next to the picture name in order to bring up the NE1 Image Editor.

Across the top of the image editor are various tools for editing a picture. The "w:" and "h:" windows represent the picture's width and height in pixels. Because the aspect ratio (the ratio of width to height) will always remain the same, it is safe to increase or reduce these numbers without distorting the picture. Reducing the width, for example, will also reduce the height to maintain the aspect ratio. Enter a number into either of the 2 boxes and click the "Resize" button. The changes will be instantly applied. Click "Save" to save the changes and "Exit" to return to the "Asset Manager".