Can the free accounts upload video or flash?
Posted by , Last modified by Debbie Serrano on 27 June 2013 02:46 PM

The Free websites cannot upload video; however they can upload flash objects as long as they are smaller than 1MB.  Only the Gold, Silver, and Bronze accounts can upload video or recorded audio.

*You can use a 3rd party like to place your videos on your site.  Upload the videos to your Youtube account then get the embed code for the video. Next login to your website editor (under Administrator) and go to the page you want to insert the video on.  In the toolbar, there is a button to Paste HTML code (it is located in the 2nd row all the way to the right).  Click on this and insert the embed code in the paste HTML box and give the code a Caption name (title).  Click on Insert and then the red Save changes button.  Preview the site to see if the video works.  If some of the code is missing or incorrect, the video will not work correctly.