Asset Manager: Allowed File Types
Posted by , Last modified by on 21 December 2010 12:44 PM

File Types :

There are several different types of files you can upload with the Asset Manager.  We’ll list some of those file types here.  The Asset manager separates your uploaded files into 4 groups, so we will present the file types within the context of those 4 groups:

Media (audio and video):

Audio files end with .mid, .mp3, .rm, .ra, .wma, or .wav.  If you wish to have the audio streaming, you can also upload the associated test files for audio streaming.  These file types are .m3u (used to stream mp3), .ram (used to stream mp3), .wax (used to stream mp3).

Video files end with .mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .rm, .wmv

Images: GIF or JPEG format and end with .gif, .jpg, or .jpeg

Flash: .swf

Documents: .pdf, .doc, .txt


*Tip: Wave audio files (.wav) are typically very large compared to other audio file types.  For web use, it is best to convert .wav files to .mp3 or some other compressed audio format.

*Tip 2: When creating graphics it is best to us the JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) file format for photos.  For all other graphics (drawings, computer generated images, etc.) it is best to use .gif.

*Tip 3: Digital cameras make it very easy to take pictures and upload them for use on your website; however, most of today’s cameras produce very large pictures.  It is best to reduce the size of the photos when using them on the web.  Use the “Resize for Internet” option in the Asset Manager when uploading files to have the photos automatically resized.  If the photo is larger than 3MB, you will have to reduce the photo’s size before uploading it.

*Tip 4: Some photo/graphic editing programs have a “optimize for the web” option which can reduce the file size of the picture significantly without reducing the picture’s dimensions or quality.