Is there a way to add a link to an image?
Posted by on 17 December 2010 03:28 PM
Yes, you can link to a graphic, audio file, video file, flash, or document. To add a link to an image, media file, or document, put your curser where you want the link on the page and then click the "Insert Hyperlink" icon. This will open a new window that will help you add the link.
  • Source: Click "Source" radio button and then click the folder icon to the very right of the "source" area. This will open the Asset Manager window. Select one of your uploaded images, media files, or documents and click the box next to "Use full URL..". Then click the "ok" button at the bottom, right of the window. (For more information about the Asset Manager and uploading files, please visit the "Asset Manager" section of the help pages.)
  • Target: The target setting allows you to determine if the page/file you are linking to will open up in a new browser window. Select "Blank" in the Target drop-down menu to set the link to open in a new browser window. Selecting "Self" will have the link open up in the current window. The parent option is not used with the typical templates used by the NE1 web builder.

    The text field directly to the right of "Target" allows you to name a specific window for the link to open up in. For example: If you have a list of links to help pages and you wanted them to open in a separate window but the same separate window rather than a new window for each page. You could enter "help" into the Target text field. Then when somebody clicks the link it will open a new window which IE keeps track of with the name help. If another link is clicked that has Target set to "help", that page will be opened in the same window.

  • Title:The Title setting is an optional setting that allows you to add a title attribute to your link. The title attribute creates a small text window when someone mouses over the link. The title attribute also is able to be read by screen reader software which is software used by visually impaired people to have a web page read to them. The title attribute can describe the page/file that the link is for.
Once you are finished, click the "Insert" button in the bottom, right of the window. Then click the "Save" icon in the top, left corner of the Page Editor.