NE1 Toolbar: Clean Up Messy Code
Posted by , Last modified by on 17 December 2010 03:26 PM

Almost any web builder uses a programming technique which allows it to automatically insert special bits of code called "tags" into the background coding (HTML) of your pages. These tags are necessary for the proper formatting of the pages, fonts, spacing, etc. However, it is nearly impossible for a web builder to properly locate all of these tags when the corresponding text is deleted or edited. As a result, the excess tags build up over time and the pages begin to do unpredictable things.

The NE1 web builder has a simply method for cleaning up this code. Clicking the "Clean up messy code" icon will take care of excess tags and misbehaving content.

Clean Up Messy Code

At one time the following steps were really the only method for cleaning up these tags and getting the pages back to working order. While we have created easier ways, these instructions have been left as an alternative to cleaning up code.

1) Select and "Cut" all of the page content in the NE1 web builder.
2) Paste the content into the "Notepad" accessory that comes with Windows operating systems.
3) Save the blank page in your NE1 web builder.
4) Select and "Copy" all of the content in Notepad.
5) Paste the content back into the web builder and save the changes.

(If the copy and paste worked OK, feel free to close Notepad.)

The above process removes excess tags simply because the Notepad accessory does not understand them or use them. As a result, the content being pasted back into your NE1 page has been cleared of anything that was making the page misbehave.

NOTE: This process will also remove the formatting that you may have wanted! Unfortunately, you will have to start over with the formatting of the page to get it to what you want. This is just the necessary consequence of cleaning up the code.