Table Row Properties
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Table Row Properties


When editing a row with the NE1 web builder, there are many options available. To begin with, a “Table row properties” window is provided and the “General” tab contains the most basic of row options:

  • Row in table part: As in many of the table and cell options, the selection here helps the website visitor who is using a non-visual screen reader to determine what the row’s purpose is within the table.
  • Alignment: This option allows you to set the text or image alignment for the row – similar to a word processor’s alignment choices.
  • Vertical alignment: This option allows you to set the vertical text or image alignment for the entire row – as opposed to just a cell.
  • Class: This is an advanced field for use by webmasters who have chosen to use CSS styles and have defined a class in those styles.
  • Height: With this field it is possible to define a specific height (in pixels) for an entire row within the table.
  • Update current row: Choose whether you want to apply the above characteristics to a current row, every other row (odd or even), or all rows.


The advanced tab provides advanced web designers with options relating to the graphical design of the row and the use of style sheets (CSS).

  • Id: This is a method to identify rows with a unique name for the purposes of using javascript or other programming languages. There cannot be another row (or any other HTML tag) this ID. JavaScript uses these unique ID\'s to find the rows that you want to have affected by the script.
  • Style: This is used to insert a reference to style sheets being used to help define the row and/or the web page itself.
  • Language Direction: Like the same feature on the page editor, this feature allows the use of languages that move from right to left within the entire row.
  • Language Code: This is used to designate a specific language being used when using script to define elements of the row.
  • Background Image: The row can use images for its background. Click the small folder icon to choose an image to use.
  • Background Color: Click the box to the right to choose the desired color for the background of the row. Choosing a table background color helps to set the row apart from the rest of the table.

*Note: Support for teaching, developing and debugging CSS is not included in the regular OurChurch.Com technical support. If you with so to use CSS and need assistance, OurChurch.Com is available to help with the purchase of maintenance hours.