Insert Flash Object
Posted by on 17 December 2010 03:16 PM

Insert Flash Object:

To add a flash object click the "Insert Media" icon. Choose "Flash" in the drop down menu and then click the folder icon to open the asset manager. Once your Flash file has been chosen, the following options are available.

  • Source: The Source setting is where you select the flash object to be displayed. In the "Source" section click the folder icon on the very right. This will open the "Asset Manager" window. In this window you will see a list of all the flash objects you have uploaded. Once you have selected your flash object click the "ok" in the bottom, right of the window. (For more information about the Asset Manager and uploading files, please visit the "Asset Manager" section of the help pages.)

    Once you have selected the flash object, you can add a backgound, set the dimensions of the flash display area; determine the quality, set the alignment, and set the flash object to loop or not.

  • Background: In the "Background" section you can select the background color by clicking the "pick button and selecting a color.
  • Width and Height: In the "width" and "height" section enter the width and height of the flash object in pixels. It is best if you know the actual dimensions for the flash object and use those dimensions.
  • Quality: Under the Quality" section you can set the quality to "High: or "Low". Choosing low quality will effect the visual appearance of the flash object, but will reduce the bandwidth the flash object uses when loaded.
  • Align: In the "Align" section you can select how you want the text to align to your flash object.
  • Loop: In the "Loop" section you can select if you want your flash object to play continually(over and over) or if you would like it to just play once.

When you have selected the source graphic file and entered the settings, click the "ok" button at the bottom left of the window. Then click the "Save" icon in the top, left corner of the Page Editor.

For more information about flash objects, please visit the "Media - Flash" help pages.