Spell Checker
Posted by on 17 December 2010 02:49 PM
NE1 Web Builder Spell Checker

Using the Spell Checker

When editing a page with the NE1 web builder, the spell checker can come in quite handy. A web page needs to be spelled correctly to add credibility. Nothing can de-value a page more than poor design or an obviously misspelled word.

To begin wih, the small arrow next to the spell checker icon allows a choice of languages for the included dictionary. Click the small arrow and choose the preferred language. (The default language is English.)

NE1 Web Builder - Spell Checker Language Choices

Once any text has been entered on the page, the spell checker can be used by clicking on the "check-mark" icon. When a misspelled word is found, it is underlined with a small wavy red line as in the figure below:

NE1 Web Builder - Spell Checker - Notification of Misspelling

In order to correct the error, click directly on the word that has been underlined. NE1 will then provide a list of suggested words. Choose the desired word by clicking on it. The correct word will automatically take the place of the incorrect word.

NE1 Web Builder - Correct Word Suggestions

By clicking on "Ignore word", you can instruct the spell checker to no longer indicate a misspelling for that particular word. However, unless you choose "Ignore all", the next instance of the misspelled word will be flagged.