Other Settings: Parent Subpages
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Other Settings: Parent Subpages

Parent Subpage

The Parent Subpage feature allows webmasters to setup submenus in their website\'s navigation menu. To set a page to appear as a submenu item, click the \"Parent Subpages:\" drop-down menu under the \"Other Settings\" tab. Then select the page that you would like the parent page to be (The main menu item). This means that on your navigation menu the link for this page will drop down from the link for the page you choose as your parent page.

You will also find a link to the \"Submenu Style\" feature which is in the Menu Options section. In this section you can customize the appearance and function of the submenus. You can find more information about the Submenu Style section in the \"Menu Options\" help pages.

*Note: If you set a page as a submenu item for another page, you can always put it back in the main navigation menu by selecting \"None\" in the \"Parent Subpage\" feature.

*Tip: If your website has a lot of pages, use the Parent Subpage feature to organize and \"clean up\" your website\'s navigation menu. Having a lot of links in a navigation menu can be confusing. By categorizing pages in submenus you can make your visitor\'s experience more enjoyable and make navigating around your website much easier.