Other Settings: Display This Page
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Other Settings: Display this Page

Display Page

The Display This Page setting determines whether or not a web page is \"live\" or not. Pages which are set to not display will not be listed in the website\'s navigation menu and visitors will not be able to access the page. The Display This Page setting allows webmasters to work on a page until it is completed without having to worry about visitors viewing the unfinished page. Also, webmasters may have pages which are seasonal or only needed occasionally. This feature also allows webmasters to stop displaying the pages without having to delete them. This way when the page is needed again it can simply be turned back on instead of having to be recreated.

Under the \"Other Settings\" tab is the \"Display this Page:\" feature. Click on the Display This Page drop-down menu and select whether you wish to have a page displayed on your website or not.

*Note: Pages which are not being displayed still count toward your website\'s page limit if you have a hosting package with limited pages.

*Tip: Create seasonal homepages and set them to not be displayed. Then when it\'s \"that time of year\", you can simply set the page to be displayed and not have to change the homepages you have worked hard to setup. Then go into your website\'s config menu and change the Default Home Page setting to that season\'s homepage.