Background Music
Posted by on 17 December 2010 02:18 PM

Edit Subpage: Background Music

Screenshot of the Edit Subpage tab of the Page Settings box with the Background Music setting highlighted.

Background music is an audio file that is set to play when a page is loaded. To set the background music for a page, click the "Upload" button in the "Background Music:" feature under the "Edit Subpage" tab. This will open the Asset Manager where all of your uploaded files are stored. You should see all the media files which you have uploaded listed in this window. Select the audio file you wish to use for the background music of the page and click the "ok" button in the bottom, right of the window. Then click the "Save Changes" button to save the page settings.

*Note: Audio files which you wish to use on your website must first be uploaded in order for you to use them. If you do not see the audio file listed in your Asset Manager, then you will need to upload the file. For information about the Asset Manage, including how to upload audio files, please see the "Asset Manager" help pages.

*Tip:There are several types of audio files and it's important to understand what they are so you can select the best format for the audio for various features on your website. For the background music of the pages of a website, we recommend using MIDI music files because they have a very small file size and will not use much of your disk space or bandwidth. For more information about the various types of audio files, please see the "Media - Audio" help pages.