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Page Type:

Page Type

The \"Page Types\" feature allows you to automatically install certain modules on the page you are creating. So, if you wanted to create a prayer request page, you can simply select the prayer request page in the Page Type and the prayer request module will be installed for you. You can also add the prayer request module later, but this saves you a few steps.

You have a number of options to choose from but by default \"General\" will be selected. The \"General\" page is a blank page with no modules installed on it usually used for anything from a text page to a multi-media page. Depending on your hosting package, some predefined pages that are included are, a Vote Poll (GSB), News page, Contact Form, Tell a friend link, Blog page (GSB), Guestbook, Prayer request page, Newsletter (GSB), Shop (GS), and a Photo Gallery page (GSB).

G - Gold hosting package
S - Silver hosting package
B - Bronze hosting package

Note: You can add text and pictures to the preset pages just like you can a \"General\" page.