NE1 Pages: General Info
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General Info:

In this section you will learn how to create and add new pages to your website.

There are three buttons/links to add a new page. The first button is the \"Add a New Page\" button in the top menu on the left. (see figure 1). The second is the Add a New Page button located in your admin section\'s main page. (see figure 2). The third is the \"Add a New Page\" link in the left navigation menu of the admin section located just below the list of existing pages. (see figure 3)

(figure 1)
Add Page

(figure 2)
Add Page

(figure 3)
Add Page

Start by clicking one of the \"Add a new page\" buttons/links in your admin section.

The next page you will see is the \"Add a new page\" page. (See figure 4) Here you will be able to enter the name of your page, where you want it within your menu, the template you would like to use for that page, the type of page it is, and if you want to make the page viewable to the public. Start by giving your page a name in the \"Page name\" section. The page name is what will be displayed in your menu and at the top of the actual page.

(figure 4)
Add Page

*Note: The advantage of the button in the top menu and the link in the left navigation menu is that they are always there and can be accessed from any page with in your admin page.