I have my email address for the administrator's email address, but I'd like the info from the contact form (or other forms/polls) to be emailed to someone else. Can I do that?
Posted by on 17 December 2010 01:21 PM
Yes, each one of the forms or polls, including the contact form, guestbook, prayer request, etc., have a setting that allows you to determine what email address the information is sent to. This means that you can not only have the forms sent to a different email address than the admin email address, but you can have different forms/polls sent to different addresses.

For Example: If you have a church site and you are the webmaster, the church secretary needs to record the info from the contact form, the youth director wants to have poll, and the Pastor is in charge of the blog, you can use your email address for the admin contact email, the secretary's email for the contact form, the youth minister's email for the poll, and Pastor's email address for the blog.