How Long Does it Take to Improve Search Engine Ranking

Summary of “How Long Does it Take to Improve Search Engine Ranking”

How long does it take to improve search engine ranking for your website? Unfortunately, there is no straight answer to this question because your ranking depends on a number of different factors.  In this informative video, Mark and Kurt Steinbrueck with OurChurch.Com will explain what these factors are and why the length of time required to rank well can be unpredictable.

1. Age of Site: If your website is the new one in town, and there are already similar websites that are older than your site, the search engines will tend to favor the older sites.  Remember, search engines are trying to provide the best results for their customers by providing them with sites they trust.  It may take your site a while to establish yourself among the existing websites that the search engines already know.

2. Site Authority:  Site authority means how important a search engine thinks your website is in your niche.  To gain site authority, you need other sites to link and refer to you, and it also helps to be shared on social media.  When other sites link to you it tells the search engine that you are an important site. If your site is not currently seen as an authority for your keywords, it may take a while for you to build up authority and to rank well.

3.  Site Optimization:  Is your site optimized?  If it is, and you are still not ranking well, then you likely have a site authority problem, which can take a while to solve.  If your site is not optimized for keywords, then it could be a quick fix.  It may be that you are just not telling the search engines what to rank you for.  Once you optimize your site, it could be a matter of weeks.  Once the search engines crawl your site you may start to rank well.

4. Competition: Remember, you are competing against other websites to rank in the top ten.  You can think of SEO as a race that doesn’t end.  If you’re behind, you have to work harder to catch up.  If you’re ahead, someone running fast can come along and pass you.  It all depends on how competitive the keywords are that you are trying to rank for.

5. Penalties:  This refers to sites that have violated the terms of service with a search engine and they have dropped the site from their listings or lowered its rankings.  If this has happened to your website, know that it is a slow process to recover from a penalty.

6. Commitment: It takes time and effort, or the willingness to pay someone to put in the time and effort, to make your site competitive in order to rank well.  Without the commitment to your site, it may be impossible for your site to rank in the top ten.

Since ranking well depends on so many variables, it can seem overwhelming.  If you need help to achieve your website goals be sure to fill out the form below and request a free, no obligation consultation.

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Kurt Steinbrueck is the Director of Marketing Services with OurChurch.Com. He also serves on the leadership of Family of Christ Lutheran Church in Tampa, FL. You can find him on Google+ as .

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