Guaranteed SEO: Does It Exist?

Summary of “Guaranteed SEO: Does It Exist?”

There’s a big controversy in SEO.  It’s one that many SEO’s feel very strongly about on both sides of the argument.  Is there such a thing as Guaranteed SEO?  Should SEO companies offer a guarantee?

The Argument Against:
Many SEO’s think that there is no such thing as guaranteed SEO and with good reason.  SEO is inherently uncontrollable.  You can control what’s on your site and how you optimize your site and, to some extent, you can influence whether people are linking to your site or sharing your site in social media.

But much of SEO is simply out of the SEO’s control.  An SEO cannot control the algorithm of the search engines and the constant changes they make.  An SEO can’t control all the links to a client’s website.  An SEO cannot control what the client’s competition will do.  With all this out of the control of the SEO and considering that search rankings are based in competition, an SEO simply cannot guarantee a specific ranking.

The Argument For:
Some SEO’s, OurChurch.Com included, look at the guarantee differently.  They think that an SEO can offer a guarantee based not on their ability to completely control everything, but rather their confidence in the work they do.  These SEO’s look at their history of years of getting high rankings for clients and are confident that they can continue to do so.  They have developed strategies for SEO that are proven to be successful.

For these SEO’s, the guarantee isn’t about whether they can control every aspect of SEO, but whether they are willing to take some of the risk away from the client.  It’s saying that we’re standing with you, we have some skin in the game.  If the strategies we use aren’t working, we’ll keep innovating until they are and we’re willing to share the risk by giving back some or all of the money you’ve invested in us.

So, does Guaranteed SEO exist?
Yes.  It’s not a guarantee based on control, but rather a guarantee based on a history of success and a partnership with the client.

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Kurt Steinbrueck is the Director of Marketing Services with OurChurch.Com. He also serves on the leadership of Family of Christ Lutheran Church in Tampa, FL. You can find him on Google+ as .

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