How to Link to PDF Documents


Summary of “How to Link to PDF Documents”

It can be helpful to link PDFs to your website so that documents such as church bulletin, homework, sign up sheets and newsletter are easily accessible on your site.  If you are wondering how to link to a PDF document, you need to check out this quick tip video from OurChurch.Com.  It’s a short and easy to follow video that can teach you how to link to PDF documents in just a few steps.

If you’re using HTML for your coding, you’ll need an anchor tag, which is created using with the following format:

<a href=””> </a>

In between the quotes is the path to your document (e.g.  You will want to put the name of your PDF document between to a tags because that is what people will see on your website.  When they click on the link, it will take them to the document.  Here’s an example of how to link to PDF Documents:

<a href=””>This is the text people will see.</a>

Note: This also works for other types of documents and files, such as Word docs, Excel files, or media.

The Easier Way:

If using HTML seems too complicated, OurChurch.Com also offers an easier way!  We have a web builder called NE1 (which is pronounced “anyone”) which allows you to link documents with just a few easy clicks.  When you watch this video, we will walk you through what to click, what to upload and when to save your changes.  It’s as simple as that, and then your documents will be readily available to visitors on your site.

OurChurch.Com is committed to excellent customer service.  We are a Christian web company, and our mission is to help you achieve your goals and mission online.  Click the links below to learn more about the NE1 Web Builder or start building a website today.

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