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Summary of “How to create a table in a web page”

In this video, created by OurChurch.Com, you can learn how to create a table in a webpage.  This is one way to keep information clean and organized on your site. A common rookie mistake is to use the space bar to line up your information. It seems quick and easy at first; however, because different browsers and screen sizes may display your page differently, it can cause the page to look messy and out of line. Creating a table is a simple way to give your site a professional look.

Creating a Table in HTML:

If your website is coded using HTML then you may want to check out a helpful website called to learn more about how to build a table using HTML (Here’s a link to their tables page).  Basically, you’ll start the table with a <table> tag.  Then start the first row with a <tr> tag.  Then enter the columns..  You’ll setup each column by adding a <td> tag, then entering the content of the cell, and then closing with the </td> tag.  Do this for each column across the first row.  When you’re done with the columns, close the first row with a </tr> tag.  Then, proceed to setup each additional row the same way.  When you’ve setup all the rows and columns, close the table with the </table> tag.

Creating a Table with the NE1 Web Builder:

For those using the NE1 web builder, this process is a bit easier.

  1. You can simply go to the page where you enter content.
  2. In the upper right you will see a space bar.
  3. Click on the “Insert a New Table” icon, and then enter the number of rows and columns you want.
  4. Once your table is created, you can drag to stretch it out for your content.
  5. Then you can begin entering your data.
  6. Be sure to save your changes.

That’s it!

Now you have a clean and organized table on your website!  The great thing about tables is that this allows your web page to look the same regardless of which web browser is being used.  Using the space bar for alignment can cause your content to look different for different web browsers.

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