How to Add Meta Tags to Your Website

How are you doing everyone?┬áToday’s topic is the Meta Tag.

How are you doing everyone?┬áToday’s topic is the Meta Tag.

Now many of you may not have heard the term Meta Tag before, but that could be because the Meta Tag itself is something that’s not visible to the public. In fact, the Meta tag is part of coding that makes up a webpage and while it is read by your browser, it is never actually seen on a page. And then on other hand, there might be some of you who have heard of Meta tags but never really thought they were necessary.

And, the bottom line is that Meta Tags are necessary but are not as important now as they were years ago, that the shear number of websites today call as search engines to use many secrets for listing websites. And Meta tags are only a tiny portion of those secrets.

As I said however they are definitely good to have, and I’m looking right now a good place to start when learning about meta tags. This particular page is from the W3Schools.Com website. This is a good place to learn about coding and HTML and different things that go into making up a website. If you’re designing yours on a standard website software application, then you’ll need to know these different lines that you wanna put in what we called the Header Tags. Everything between these is what’s called In-the-header, and you’ll see that they start off with the word “META”. And the Meta tags is what basically describes your site, it gives keywords about the site or the author, so the Search Engines can find out more about your site in list them correctly.

Now, again if you’re using your own web design software, you’ll want to know how to write all those up on each page and the code for that page. However, if you are using the NE1 web builder supplied by OurChurch.Com then this page will look familiar to you. And when you get to your page, to edit the page – you can do this with any page – click on the little SEO Features tab, and you’ll see here that it makes a lot easier to provide Meta Tags information. Al you do is just fill in the boxes and press your Save Changes button.

Important note to know what these are, the SEO Words category, are words that actually get added to the address of your site. So, whatever words you put in here would get added to the end of the address that you would type in for URL of your page, that helps Search Engines a lot because they were rather see words in your site rather than numbers or codes things like that.

The Meta title is not only subtitle used by Search Engines to describe your site but it’s also something that is seen at the top of your browser when you go to a page. This one it says, Mozilla Firefox but if you went to a particular page that had this right here on it, and then it would be right up here at the top.

The Keywords are just that, they’re just keywords, words that describe what your site does. I’ve had it a couple of year, hosting, web builder, Christian web hosting, etc. So, if you wanna put a lot of keywords in there separated by commas. You don’t wanna put too many – sometimes there such a thing as Overkill, but we recommend perhaps 20 to 30 keywords or phrases separated by commas.

And then finally, the description, the Meta description, is just simply a sentence or two that describe what your site is all about.

Now, the Head Content down the bottom is usually used for some sort of script or something else that you wanna put in the header, and that is a little bit more videos that we will covered at this time but sometimes necessary if you gonna have your page do something in particular especially with 3rd party software.

So, that’s our quick tip for today, we have more for you a bit.

Thank you!

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