How to Add Google Analytics to Your Website

Hello, everyone.  Today’s topic is the first in a two part series covering Google Analytics.  Anyone who wished he could learn about their website statistics, including number of visitors, which pages they visit and how to improve their site should seriously consider Google Analytics. Of course, there’s a lot more to say about Google Analytics that would take up hours on a video, so let’s just concentrate today on how to install this free feature on your site.

As you can see here, I’m on the Google Analytics page, which is at this address up here….  Remember, this is free and it’s available just by going to  You can create a free account by clicking this “Sign Up Now” link right here.  And you’ll receive a special ID code from Google.  We’ll discuss this code in a bit.  And also, Google will create scripts for you to use on your website, similar to this one right here.  And again, this looks very intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be because, on your website,  you would just simply insert this just above the body tag on the page that you’re designing.  That, of course, is for the regular html web page designers.  So, use this script.  These little x’s right here are filled in with the code that Google gives you as your special ID code.

Now, if you are using the NE1 Web Builder, we’ve made it very, very easy at to include Google Analytics on your site.  Because, when you go to the “config” tab, right up here at the top, you have a tab here to choose from called “Analytics”.  And this has a place for you to insert your Google Analytics ID, which is just that little code we were telling you about, which is “UA-“ and then whatever number they give you.  You simply insert that right here in this box, press “Save Changes” and you immediately have a way to track visitors and other very, very important statistics about your site.  You would just simply come back here to the, log in and you can get the statistics that you need each week and really use those statistics to your advantage to draw more visitors to your site and to design it in a better way to draw visitors.

So that’s your tip for today.  We’ll have part 2 coming up.  Thanks a lot.

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