How Much Bandwidth Does a Website Need?


Summary of “How Much Bandwidth Does a Website Need?”

If you are considering launching a website for your organization or church, you have probably heard the term bandwidth.  You may be wondering what it is and how much bandwidth does a website need in order to run well.  If so, you need to check out this helpful video by Paul Steinbrueck, co-founder and CEO of OurChurch.Com.  In this video Paul will explain what bandwidth is, and if you need “unlimited” bandwidth.

What is bandwidth?
Bandwidth is the amount of data that is transferred over a period of time, usually a month.  If you think of your cell phone package, you likely are granted so many minutes per month.  It is a similar concept for web hosting.  Your web host will allow you so much bandwidth in a given month.  Keep in mind the type of data on your site will affect how much bandwidth you use.  Things like pictures and videos will require more bandwidth than text.  Also the amount of traffic coming to your site will affect how much bandwidth you need for your site.

Do I need “unlimited” bandwidth?
“Unlimited” bandwidth is a marketing ploy used by some companies.  They want you to think they are offering “unlimited” bandwidth, when really they just aren’t telling you what the limit is, because they assume you won’t reach it.  At OurChurch.Com we want to be upfront with you on the bandwidth limits.  If you would find that your site is gaining popularity and garnering a lot of traffic, you can always bump up to a higher bandwidth package.

If you are a church, school, business or Christian ministry and have questions about Christian web design and web hosting or you are looking for a new web host, we’d love to partner with you.  Our mission is to help you achieve your mission and goals online!

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