Day 5: How to Eliminate Ads with WP-EZ Premium

While lots of things on the Internet may appear to be free, the truth is we pay for everything online in one of two ways – we either pay for it with money or we pay for it with advertising.

The WP-EZ Website Builder is no different.

We’ve got a great team of developers and support staff that make WP-EZ available to you.  They’ve gotta feed their families just like you do.  So, we give WP-EZ users like you the option to pay for WP-EZ either with money or ads.

By default, WP-EZ is free with ads shown on the websites created with it.  But we also give you the option to purchase WP-EZ Premium, a premium version of WP-EZ that has no ads on it.  We include a free month of WP-EZ Premium with every website.  After the first month the cost to continue is $4.99/mo or $49/yr.  (Note that this is in addition to the cost of any other services like domain registration, web hosting, design services, etc)

Here’s video tutorial that explains:

Bottom line is it’s your choice – use WP-EZ free with ads or ad-free with WP-EZ Premium.

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Tomorrow we’ll learn how to improve the appearance of your website.

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