Day 4: How to Organize Your Menus

As we said yesterday, to give your website visitors the best experience possible, you need to provide them with the information they are are looking for.  But, if you have the info they need on your website, and they can’t find it, you might as well not even have it there.  This is why how you organize your menu is so important.

Tips to Good Menu Structure

  • Limit menus to no more than 7 menu items.  If you have more than that create a sub-menu and put some menu items in there
  • Keep the text of your menu items short
  • Don’t use insider language in your menu text. If your site is for your church and the youth group is called “Souled Out” your menu text should be “Youth” not “Souled Out”

Here’s a brief video tutorial that explains how to edit your website’s menu with our WP-EZ Website Builder.

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Tomorrow we’ll learn about advertisements and WP-EZ Premium.

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